Bridesmaids Gifts and Wedding Favors

Your loved ones have worked hard with you to create the wedding of your dreams. Guests are traveling from all around to watch you and your favorite guy vow to love eachother until the end of time. With all that your friends and family have done to give you your special day, it is only fair that they receive a token of appreciation from you. Here are a few easy DIY ideas for Bridesmaids Gifts and Wedding Favors for your wonderful crew of loved ones. The great thing about DIY Bridesmaids Gifts and Wedding Favors is that loved ones will realize that it is something truely from the heart.


Pressed Flower Bookmarks- Dry out colorful flowers such as Gerber Daisies or Alstromeria. Press one of two blooms into a clear glass bookmark. Personalize it by slipping a piece of stock card into the bookmark with your names, and wedding date. You can find blank glass bookmarks at your local craft store. This super pretty gift is a unique item that guests will be able to use for years to come.

Floral Soaps- An awesome gift for your bridesmaids is a set of flower infused soaps. This is more simple than you think to create. Here is a really easy receipe foor Fresh Cut Rose Petal Soap from

Things You’ll Need

  • Coloring (Optional)
  • Rose scent (Optional)
  • Mold
  • Glycerin
  • Crushed rose petals
  1. Melt glycerin in a bowl, following the instructions on the container.
  2. When melted, add 2-3 drops of rose scent to the glycerin if you want.
  3. Add pink or red coloring.
  4. Add the crushed petals into the mixture and stir.
  5. Pour the mixture into the mold and freeze for 24 hours.


  • These make great gifts!
  • Pink or red coloring will look nice with the soap.
  • Rose scent will make the scent strong.


  • The petals will turn black.
  • The glycerin will be hot!
  • This may get messy!

Here is a neat idea from Martha Stewart for Wedding Favors:

“Painted metal buckets brimming with blooms call to mind a French flower market. But these bunches, wrapped in colored waxed tissue paper, are not for sale; they’re meant to be given as wedding favors. Display them near a doorway or throughout a reception hall on tiered metal stands painted to match the buckets. At day’s end, post a card inviting guests to pick a bunch.”  To do this in a super inexpensive way, grab the metal buckets at your local craft store and use inexpensive, yet elegant flowers. Carnations in several different colors work well for this, because they are full, fluffy, colorful, and cheap in cost but not presentation!


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Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

There are many options for the modern bride to be when it comes to wedding themes. Many brides are turning to non-traditional weddings in order to stand out and make a big statement. Here are a few fun ideas for a Non-Traditional Wedding. Even if you are having a traditional wedding, throwing in one or two non-traditional wedding aspects could really add a unqiue element to your special day.


One non-traditional move for a wedding is to wear a dress in a color other than Ivory or White. Some brides choose to wear Red or Black instead. A really unqiue color scheme is a metallic emerald green, form fitting, long, elegant dress. Carry large White Calla Lilies as your bridal bouquet, and have bridesmaids wear lavendar and each carry a White Oriental Liliy. This color combination is unexpected, and unique, but still elegant and beautiful. Another idea is to wear a sapphire blue wedding dress, and carry a bridal bouquet made of bi-color orange/orange-red long stem roses. If you want to go super bold, opt for a deep red dress and carry giant long stem White Roses as your bridal bouquet. Whatever color you choose, make sure that it is something that you feel comfortable in and that it is a color that means something to you. Picking a dress in the loudest possible color just for shock value, may leave you feeling a bit dissapointed….and at the end of the day, everyone wants to feel great about their wedding day!


Another idea for a great non- traditional wedding is to take it outside (weather permitting). If you live in a state that has gorgeous foliage during the fall, why not plan a pretty back yard wedding, or have a rustic feel by holding your wedding at a farmhouse?  Bring together the rustic feel by arriving by horse & buggy. A classic style, or old western style dress would work well for this theme, and carring a nice “country mix” bouquet of snapdragons, sunflowers, and button mums will totally pull together a unqiue autmn theme.  A Summer Wedding idea that is always great is a Beach Wedding. This allows for comfy, informal attire and a laid back atmosphere…wear a simple, flowing white dress and carry purple orchids as a bouquet. Don’t forget to place a flower behind your ear- try a bloom from an Orange Asiatic Lily. A great outdoor theme for a Spring Wedding is a Garden Wedding. Do you have a gorgeous garden? Does a friend or family member? Save extra $$ by using what you have before spending money to rent space. If you don’t have a resource for a Garden space, try a local Rose Garden or park with lots of fresh flowers. For this theme, a cream color dress works well, and for a bridal bouquet, either a Kissing Ball or a bouquet featuring Hydrangeas creates a totally romantic vibe. One idea that I came across that sounded really cute and informal was to have a wedding in a huge rose garden and instead of setting up folding chairs, have guests sit on huge pillows covered with satin pillow cases in your wedding color. It kind of gives an Alice & Wonderland feel to the whole ceremony.


Another non-traditional route is to have the wedding at a special location, other than a church or hall. A you and your fiance big history buffs? Why not have your wedding an a local historical mansion? Are you into literature? Why not have it at a library a la Carrie Bradshaw? There are so many unqiue places to hold your wedding, it really comes down to what you feel expresses your personality the best. If you are intp theater, have a theater themed wedding at a local playhouse or stage company. Wear a metallic, icy white dress and carry a bouquet of the most red roses that you can find. Long Stem “Charlotte” Roses are a gorgeous shade of red and open up to giantic blooms.


Whatever you choose for your wedding, going the Non-Traditional Wedding route is definately best when infused with your own style. Remember that the best weddings are a true reflection of you & your fiance’s love for eachother, no matter what the theme!

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Check it out

Need more ideas for your wedding flowers? I found a really cool site that walks you through the whole wedding planning process, from your flowers to your make up, to your guest list. The site is a great resource especially for DIY brides, as it pulls together vendors in your local/regional area that can help you pull together your big day. Click Here to see the Wedding Flower Planning Guide at


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Theme Wedding: Halloween Wedding

Holiday season is just around the bend, and a lot of brides like to tie their wedding theme in with the season’s celebration.

Halloween is no exception to this tradition, with many couples choosing to have a Halloween Theme Wedding during October.

Here are some fun tips that I found for creating a Halloween Wedding that will is classy as well as fun.

Fall wedding flowers can always double as Halloween Wedding Flowers, just go with deeper colors for a greater impact. Orange Asiatic Liles, Orange Hawkweed, Orange Roses, and Orange Poppys look awesome with dark Red Roses and deep green filler. Also, Purple Aster, Green Button Mums, Rust Colored Hydrangeas, and even cream Queen Anne’s Lace works well in a number of arrangements for Halloween Weddings. A flower must have for Halloween Theme Weddings is definately Long Stem Black Magic Roses. These roses are the darkest red you can get, almost to the point of being black, and have a velvety texture. Very dark and mysterious, but also beautiful. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box for colors for your Halloween Wedding. Golds, Creams, Greens, Deep Purple, and Browns work in really nicely and stick to the theme well.

For the Bridal Bouquet, go with class infused with some dark mystery with a hand tied bouquet of 25 Long Stem Black Magic Roses, Orange Hawkweed, and dark green filler- try dark juniper leaves or ivy. Simply, gather the flowers and filler.  Finish off by wrapping a black, gold or deep red ribbon around the bouquet. Here is a great way to arrange your bouquet:

“Cut the ends of the stems on a slant and give flowers a long drink. Remove the thorns, and strip off the lower foliage from the bottom half of the stems. Lay your flowers out on the table, blooms facing toward you. Start off with the largest flower to form the center. Hold the stem between your thumb and first finger on the left hand, about 6-8 inches from the base of the flower head.

Now with your right hand, add about 4- 6 clusters of foliage to frame your center flower (if you’re creating a mixed bouquet), evenly and just below the flower head to help fill in the bouquet, criss-crossing the stems on an angle and rotating the bouquet as you work. The goal is to create a “fulcrum” with your stems — a point where all the stems cross each other. Ordinarily, you create this fulcrum near the top of the area where you stripped the leaves, about halfway down the stem.

Point the blooms toward you as you work — not the stems. Secure the stems by winding a piece of string around a couple of times. Don’t cut the string!(”

Have each bridesmaid carry a single long stem black magic rose- make a big impact by getting the giant, 60cm Long Stem Roses. Have the flower girl scatter dried red rose petals to add to the spooky theme.

For your alter arragement, use a combination of black tulle, with deep red roses and white calla liles placed in a brass or golden urn. This looks eerily beautiful and tragically classic.

Make your table centerpieces with pumpkins, orange gerber daisies, orange mums, and bi-colored light orange/dark orange roses. Use Ivy, and Purple Aster as filler, and if you want to go all out, use black tulle, and faux spider webbing to add to the theme. Hollow your pumpkins, or go with fake pumpkins. Soak a brick of floral foam in water. Arrange your flowers in the floral foam placing the focal flowers in the center of the brick, and working your way out. When you have a full arrangement, place the floral foam inside of your pumpkin. Fill the pumpkin in with tulle, lace, and webbing to fill in any sparse areas. Surround the pumpkin with black and red candles, dark purple and green gourds, and large pieces of black and red glitter. For place settings, fill black glasses with apricot colored sweet heart roses- use about 18 per cup for a robust, full look. Wrap an orange ribbon around each sweet heart rose filled glass.

For your cake, there are a couple of cute options. First is to make a round three tiered cake and use black frosting to cover each layer. Then top the cake with Orange and White Roses (see my post on diy wedding floral wedding cake toppers for how to do this), and create rings around each tier using rings of floral foam and the orange and white roses. Or, you could also do the same cake with Bi-Color Orange Roses or use the White Calla Lily idea from my previous post on floral cake toppers, just using black frosting for the cake. Another idea is to have a square orange/red two tiered cake, and have rust colored Hydrangeascascading down. A fun and super easy and trendy idea is to have several tiers of cupcakes hued orange, red, and black. Top each cupcake with an orange or red gerber daisy. Top every other cupcake with a green spider mum. So cute and spooky at the same time.

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Wedding Flowers for your Hair

Sometimes the biggest impressions are made by the smallest details. The wedding dress, wedding cake and the reception hall are all huge attention grabbers, that are generally gorgeous at any wedding. Many times, the real thing that people leave talking about are the tiny, unqiue details, like the flower tucked behind the brides’s ear.

I’ve gathered some cool ways to use flowers in your hair on your big day. These quick, simple ideas could be the tiny detail that is cherished for ever!

1. Be sure to choose the right wedding flower for your hair style and dress. Larger blooms look better for simple patterned dresses and hair styles, while smaller arrangements work best for dresses with more detail. Make sure to add the flower(s) AFTER the hair gel, hair spray, etc. Products can totally destroy a fragile flower, so save adding the flower for last! Also, remember to have your flowers arrive a day or two early, and hydrate & refridgerate to get the most fresh, open blooms for your wedding hairstyle. IMPORTANT: Make Absolutely SURE that you test whatever flower you choose before your wedding day to test rule out the possibility of some weird skin reaction to your chosen flower! And LASTLY…don’t forget to remove any part of the flower that could get pollen all over your dress! Stay away from that mess!

2. Now that you have the technical stuff down, here is one easy idea. Find a large, colorful flower, such as a Gerber Daisy to tuck behind your ear. Red is awesome in the winter against a white dress and snow! A nice bright pink works as well.

3. Another idea that is SO fresh and pretty is to fasten Dahlias to a clip (do this by wiring one or two blooms to a basic hair clip). You can use this clip in a sweet updo or even to clip both sides of your hair back. So pretty!

4. A really cute option for a laid back, free spirit kind of wedding is to lace white daisy blooms throughout your hair. This can be done by twisting wire around the base of a white daisy bloom, and entwining the remaining wire around a U shaped bobby pin. This style works best on textured hair, so if you are going stick straight on your wedding day, you may want to save this style for another time. However, if you are wearing your hair in a braid or having a braids some where in the mix, even if your hair is straight, this simple, pretty style could still work for you.

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3 Easy Wedding Flower Arrangements

Planning a wedding is hard work! So much time and effort goes towards securing the church, reception hall, wedding dress, wedding flowers, caterers….the list could go on and on. Any bride who is going DIY can especially relate, as she is adding on creating flower arrangements, wedding cake, and reception decor.

To try and make life a little easier, at least as far as your diy wedding flowers are concerned, I pulled toget 5 of the easiest diy wedding flower arrangements that I could find. In a pinch, these arrangements will save you time and stress, yet still look gorgeous.


1. Table Centerpiece- A super easy table center piece that is beautiful and inexpensive is the Floating Flower and Candle Arrangement. To create this wedding table centerpiece, you will need a clear glass bowl or vase. Please note that you will not want the height of the bowl/vase to exceed 10 inches, so that your guests will be able to interact. Next, you will need large blooms of a colorful flower. Gerber Daisies work really well with this and come in tons of different colors. You will also need tea candles or floating candles in whatever color you like. A nice color scheme for fall weddings is red & orange gerber daisies coupled with cream colored candles.  To create this arrangement, simply fill the bowl/vase with water so that it is about 3/4 full, cut the stems of the flowers so that you just have the heads, and then place the heads in the bowl of water Next,  light the candles, then place carefully in the bowl. There you have it! You also can create mini floating flowers & candle arrangements to place along the side of the large one of on smaller tables. A small bowl with a giant pink gerber daisy head floating in it is so pretty and easy.


2. Bridal Bouquet- A super easy Bridal Bouquet is just straight, white large calla lilies. To create this bouquet, you will need 10-15 large White Calla Lilies and a large silk ribbon (color of your choice). Simply cut the stems of your calla lilies, gather them into a bouquet, and tie together with your ribbon. This is so elegant, and the easiest Bridal Bouquet by far. Create a total theme by having each bridesmaid carry a single calla lily. Wedding Party Flowers=DONE!


3. Wedding Cake Topper- The easiest floral wedding cake topper is to simply place blue hydrangeas on the top of the cake, so that the entire top is covered. Another really easy wedding cake idea is to make several mini squares (SOOO Trendy right now) and top each cake with a bright gerber daisy bloom. This is super easy and unique as well.

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DIY Wedding Alter & Pew Flowers

If you are having a traditional Church Wedding, one of the important decorative issues to consider is how to decorate the alter. This is the place where you & your groom will declare your love & committment in front of all of your friends & family- in short- the alter needs to look good. It can be intimidating thinking of going DIY for such a visable aspect of your wedding, but I have found a few really great tips for doing your own church wedding alter & pew flowers that are easy enough for anyone!

1. Tape two rectangle bars of floral foam together, so that they are side by side. Make sure to keep the floral foam hydrated. Start putting a line of tall, larger stems of greenery in the back line, such as Ruscus. In the next line, stick in white or multi colored snap dragons. If the stems are too soft, cut them into a sharp slant, and make a small slice for each stem into the floral foam for insetion.  For the next line, use your focal flower- that is, the main flower that you want showcased. Long Stem Roses, Calla Lilies, or Sunflowers are examples of good choices. No matter what you choose, make sure that it is a flower with a large head. With these flowers, you’ll want to cut the stems a little shorter and be sure to place them front & center. Once this is done, it is time for your filler flowers. A good choice for fillers are carnations, since they are full flowers and are also cheap to buy in bulk. You’ll stick white or assorted color carnations in to fill the arrangement. Angle them outwards, going straight out from the front, back, and sides.  Lastly, fill any blank spots in with greenery, such as Leather Leaf Fern or Eucalyptus.

2. A really easy yet, elegant idea for pew flowers is the “Kissing Ball”. These are gorgeous and totally simple to make. Start with balls of floral foam- the size is totally up to you- just keep in mind that the bigger the piece of floral foam, the larger the resulting kissing ball will be. Next, simply choose a flower of your liking- Gerber Daisies look awesome for Fall Weddings and completely cover each ball in flowers by sticking the flowers in stem by stem. Make sure that your floral foam is well hydrated!!

3. Here is a great tip for DIY Brides who are looking to save even more- try using Tree Ferns only as alter flowers. Not only are they much less expensive than “flowers”, but they also make a really elegant, unqiue alter piece. The lush green really pops, and tree ferns create a really pretty, unexpected look.

4. Remember for you alter flowers that you will want to go BIG for arrangement size to make an impression. You would be surprised at how a moderate sized arrangement gets lost while in front of even a small church. Also remember that big doesn’t have to mean expensive. You can create gorgeous full arrangements with Carnations, Snapdragons, or Tree Ferns.

5. One last quick tip- Dark Flowers will make for really dark pictures! If you want to create an atmosphere that is happy and bright, be sure to use bright flowers. Fall Brides, think Oranges and Yellows- Winter Brides, think Reds and Whites!

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Wedding Disasters Part 2

Ok all of you Fall & Winter Brides- Time to take a breather from your totally frantic, down to the wire planning!

Read on for some crazy, silly, and down right bizarre wedding stories as my Wedding Disaster Series continues!

Fall & Winter Weddings are just around the corner- You deserve at least 10 minutes to give yourself a stress- free laugh!


“At a recent wedding which I was attending, which was in full swing, the father of the bride was out on the dance floor slightly drunk and dancing like a madman when he discovered that his wallet had fallen out of his jacket which contained a large amount of money ($2000 )to pay for the catering and a cheque for his daughter and son in law.

A frantic search by everyone failed to find the wallet which distressed the father and family. At the end of the night everybody put in some money to pay for the reception and the wedding party left for their honeymoon a little depressed and sad that someone had stolen the wallet which could have been any of there friends.

The next day the cleaners found the wallet under some rubbish in the fake pot plant with all the money missing.

Two weeks later on the return of the couple from there honeymoon they went to their parents house to watch the wedding video with all their family. It was when they were watching the video part of the reception that the daughter picked up the fact that the wallet was lying on the edge of the dance floor and someone had picked it up and had moved to the side and was removing the money then hiding it under the plant.

It was then, when on closer inspection that the person who had stolen the money was no other than the GROOM.



“When I was 25, my best friend’s wedding was a fiasco. Her brother-in-law tried to french kiss me in front of my husband who had a fit and threatened to use his military training to do major damage.

The bride and groom waltzed across the dance floor gracefully, until he dipped her deeply and promptly dropped her. Afterward, the groom got drunk and urinated in a potted plant on the edge of the dance floor and his pants fell around his ankles. Afterward, everyone had a blast telling the bride of his insufficiencies.

The mother of the bride spent hours before the ceremony wrapping rice in lace so all one had to do was untie the ribbon and throw the rice. Many people chose to throw little rice missiles at the couple, giving the bride a black eye. She fell against the groom when hit with the rice, pushed him down the steps of the hotel and he broke his leg. They spent their wedding night in the hospital and their dream trip, a honeymoon in Hawaii, was cancelled.” – Tianna

“I was at my hair dresser one Saturday, and he was telling me about a wedding he chose not to go to that day.  Of course I asked why he was not going.  His reply was that Bride and Groom did not want presents.  I could not imagine why he would not want to go since I was thinking, wow a B & G that just wanted the company of their family and friends.  I asked him if they let people know where donations could be made in their name.  He laughed and asked me what planet I was from.  Puzzled, I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

He told me that the invitation, had a disclaimer at the bottom of it.  I told him that I did not believe him and no one was that tacky.  Well, of course he left me with my hair standing on the top of my head and went into his office.  Out came a beautiful invitation, beautiful paper, beautiful handwriting.  The envelopes outer and inner addressed properly.

When I read the invite, proper wording in the body, at the bottom on the right hand side were the words, “The favor of your gift is declined, only monetary gifts accepted.”  I swear on my favorite cat’s grave, I saw this with my own eyes.  Well, I never found out what happened at the wedding.  I don’t think they ever spoke to my hairdresser again… but then again who cares. Who wants tacky, thoughtless, greedy people in their lives.” 

“My sister’s husband is a very attractive and has a very magnetic personality. His brother has not been blessed with the same characteristics. He started to say what a lucky guy the groom was having such a pretty wife. (a pretty standard thing for anyone to say to the groom at a wedding) He continued on slurring that he was never that lucky “Robert” always got all the pretty girls when they were growing up.
“Robert” was always the one who got invited to parties, had tons of chicks hanging around and always was the one who got laid. He kept whining that even the parents liked “Robert” better and that “Robert had more friends and more toys when they were little”.

The best man went on like that for a good ten minutes until he started crying and I took the microphone from his hand and another guest lead him outside to calm him down. The whole room was silent. It was very a very uncomfortable situation for everyone. I felt really sorry for the bride and groom and I could see my sister looking at the groom sideways thinking ” always got laid?” I’m sure she interrogated him later but I never asked”

“At my bridal shower , my mother insisted I invite my “eccentric ” aunt who never fails to embarrass me. This shower was given by my soon-to-be in-laws and I didn’t want a scene. Well, “Aunt Theresa” (thinking this was a compliment) kept repeatedly telling the hostess how much she resembled Julia Child until she was in tears. As a shower gift, Auntie presented me a pink plastic heart-shaped potato-masher and a worn-out rollingpin with “Spare the rod and spoil the child” written with blank ink all over it. AHHHHH!!!!!!”


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Wedding Reception Flowers

The most important factor in many weddings is not the ceremony itself, but the reception. Your wedding reception is when friends and family come together to celebrate your love, and future as husband and wife. Receptions are also where the most time is spent during a wedding, so it only makes sense that creating the right atmosphere is super important. Here are some fun tips for using fresh flowers to decorate your wedding reception:

Go Big– If you are holding your reception in a large area, make sure that your floral arrangements are big and bold to make a statement. Try an arrangement of Long Stem Roses, Eucalpytus, and some sort of berry for a fall wedding.

Reuse- Stretch your dollar by having empty vases with water & plant food on each table. When the bridal party comes in, have each brides maid place their bouquet into a vase for a pretty effect. Place your bridal bouquet on your table for extra decor.

Chairs- Make your bridal party feel extra special by wrapping flowers around the backs of their chairs. Adorn yours and your groom’s chair with flowers, ribbon, and leaves.

Entrance/Dance Floor- Place Long Stem Roses, and Assorted Greens all around the entryways for an enchanted feel. Fill up a drab hall with huge vases filled with colorful flowers like Stargazer Lilies and place them around each corner of the dance floor.

Glasses- For the bridal party, wrap a Long Stem Red Rose around the stem of each champagne flute. For the rest of the guests, wrap some greenery around their glasses. This small detail will really help bring the point home that this is a totally elegant event!

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Fall Wedding Flowers & Winter Wedding Flowers

Anyone with a fall wedding this year is probably totally up to their ears in planning at this point. The days are getting shorter and your big day is just around the corner. This is such an exciting time, but it can also be a really stressful time as well-especially if you are having a diy wedding. Here are a few tips that I have gathered that can help ease the stress at least on the wedding flowers for your fabulous fall or winter weddings.

Fall Wedding Flowers: Autumn is such a beautiful season, full of rich colors and amazing textures. The best bet for fall brides is to use these fall attributes to create a gorgoues wedding that reflects not only the season, but your personality as well. For colors, think deep yellow, burnt orange, rusty red, and luscious greens. Sunflowers can make an awesome statement at a fall wedding, and look so pretty when placed in a bouquet with deep purple snap dragons, red gerber daisies and mauve peruvian lilies.

Sunflowers also look awesome when used as a gaint bridal bouquet alone or with orange gerber daisies. A cool idea for fall wedding table center pieces is to get fake pumpkins at a craft store, decorate with a little shimmery glitter (not so much so that it looks like a kid’s Halloween Party) and fill with a gorgeous autumn themed arrangement such as burnt orange calla lilies, deep purple button mums, orange & red gerber daisies, and green filler- throw in some queen ann’s lace for a totally elegant, totally fall look. Your cake can be made into an autumn dream by simply placing orange and yellow asiatic lilies at the top, as a cake topper. Have a few orange, red, and yellow asiatic lilies cascading down your cake as well to create a dramatic effect that will be remembered forever. Looking for church decorations? How about attaching giant red gerber daisy heads to each seat, so that the path to the altar is lined with them? This is so simple, and so pretty. Add to the effect by having your Brides Maids carry two or three blooms of giant gerberas in a color to off set the red lined altar path- bright orange or even yellow would look awesome. Don’t forget about sunflowers as well- their bright yellow hue would work really well with this idea. Roses can also be used in a fall wedding- think of bright red roses, or  velvety black magic roses mixed with burnt orange calla lilies. There is nothing like a nice deep red set against a crisp white dress to make a beautiful statement no matter what the season!

Winter Wedding Flowers- There is a lot of creativity that can be used around a winter wedding. This season offers a host of interesting flowers and plants that look gorgeous and are easy to work with. Long Stem Red Roses are a great starting point for a winter wedding, as the nice red off sets the white/grey colors that naturally occur in many locations during winter time. A great bridal bouquet for a winter wedding is Long Stem Red Roses cascading down with deep green fir or even pine branch, and baby’s breath. You could also use deep red dresses for your Brides Maids and have them each carry a single cream colored long stem rose, while you carry a bridal ball bouquet made of cream and red long stem roses, lilly grass, and pearls. A great winter wedding table centerpiece is white calla lilies, red berries (cranberries, holly berries, etc.) set into a floral ring with evergreen leaves as a base. In the center of the ring, place a vase and float a white candle. The twist on this idea would be to place Christmas Ornaments and Ribbon in the center of the floral ring instead and have them overflowing out and between the arrangement for a unqiue effect. A stunning winter wedding cake topper is to have white hydrangeas, white roses, and white sweet peas set in a square or round piece of floral foam (depending on cake shape) and have a very green filler like evergreen leaves mixed with tulle and ribbon finish it off. Place red or green ribbon around each tier of the cake for a truly gorgeous effect.

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