Top 5 Most Used DIY Wedding Flowers

August 8, 2008 bride0909
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So…you’re looking to go diy for your wedding flowers and you are wondering where in the world to begin. The first step has to be deciding on your theme, and what kinds of flowers would best fit into your vision. If you are like me, the more choices that you face = the more hard of time you are going to have with deciding on what to choose. There are obviously a gazillion different flowers out there, so I’m going to try to make things a little more simple for you by listing the top 5 faves of brides across the country.

1. Calla Lily: This flower is such a great choice, as it is elegant and versatile at the same time. Usually, people use white calla lilies, however, it is possible to have the flowers spray painted -yes spray paint (special flower spray paint) any color that you desire. If you prefer to go au natural, Calla Lilies do occur naturally in colors like pink, orange, and yellow, and mauve. Calla Lilies are also great because they grow in large sizes and can stand alone, but also grow in smaller sizes, and can be used as filler in a large bouquet.

2. Long Stem Roses: This classic icon of romance is a choice that many brides make for their wedding flower. With a numerous amount of colors and breeds, the choices for the long stem rose is limitless. Not only are long stem roses gorgeous, but you can opt for different sizes- like 40cm stems for a more modest effect all the way to 70 cm stems to really make an impression with roses.

3. Hydrangeas: This impressive and full flower is so pretty, that many brides can not shy away from having at least a stem or two in their bouquet. Hydrangeas are versatile and fluffy- meaning 1 or 2 stems creates an illusion of many flowers. These flowers also make great cake toppers, as 3 fresh hydrangeas on the top of a wedding cake makes a simple and beautiful statement. The most popular colors used are white and blue, but pink, purple and even green hydrangeas occur naturally.

4. Tulips: Cheerful and sweet, tulips are often the go-to choice for spring brides. With their graceful pastel colors and association with innocent love, this flower is great for brides going for a pretty, or sweet romance look. The best time to use tulips would be in the spring when Dutch Tulips are in season- these tulips are a lot bigger and more full than the other breeds that are available during different times of the year.

5. Gerber Daisies: With their bright colors and happy appearance, Gerber Daisies are the top choice for lots of brides. Gerber Daisies come in a variety of bright colors like orange, yellow, pink, and red. They also come sized small, medium, and large, so they can be used in a variety of ways depending on what you are looking for. Orange, yellow, and Red Gerber Daisies make great additions to fall weddings and look great as table center pieces and even as cake accessories.


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