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DIY Floral Cake Topper

One of the most important parts of a wedding is, of course, the wedding cake! I remember when I was a kid and an older cousin was getting married, having dreams about what the wedding cake would look like, and taste like. When I started thinking about my own wedding, I became obsessed with the cake, until I realized that a.) Fresh flowers make excellent cake toppers b.) Fresh flowers can be affordable if you go through non traditional channels, such as a flower wholesaler as opposed to a florist, and c.) Fresh flowers are so easy to incorporate into a DIY wedding.


Here are 5 ideas that I found for DIY Fresh Flower Cake Toppers that I think are easy enough for anyone to do yet, still produce a gorgeous (and yummy) cake.


1. Calla Lilly Elegance- This cake is so stunning and unique that no one will believe you when you tell them it was totally DIY. Here is how it’s done. Start with a round three tier cake, with the bottom tier being larger than the top for each layer. Get about 1 dozen calla lillies from your flower wholesaler. Make sure that you get the giant calla lilies to get the full effect of this look across. Also, you will need a light plastic fluted vase, hot glue and simple ribbon from a craft store. The last item you will need is a white plate that is just big enough to cover the mouth of the vase and hold your top tier. Then, all you have to do is hot glue the plate to the top of the vase so that the mouth of the vase is covered and the top tier of the cake can rest on the plate. Place the top tier of the cake on top of the plate. Next,  arrange the calla lilies on top and around the vase, so that they are completely circling the vase, with the heads pointing upwards towards the sky. Glue each lily to the vase as you go along. You will notice that the heads of the calla lilies make sort of a crown around the top tier of the cake. The next step is to tie ribbon around the lillies and vase to secure them, and hide the vase to create a look as though the lillies are floating around the cake. Next, arrange the tiers of your cake so that the largest tier is on the bottom, followed by the next largest tier. Then, place the calla lillie topper on the middle piece. This creates the illusion that the lilies are really a part of the cake, like a crown floating around a princess. So exotic and unique- no one will ever suspect it was DIY!


2. A quick, simple, and no fail idea is to place one or two blooms of Blue Hydrangeas on top of a white wedding cake. You can play this up by adding a few more blooms of hydrangeas around the cake, or make a big statement by having multiple blooms of hydrangeas cascading down the cake. So easy- SO PRETTY!


3. Another super super easy way to use fresh flowers as a wedding cake topper is to scatter rose petals all over your cake. You’ll want to do this with an at least three tiered cake and you will concentrate the petals on the top and bottom tiers while letting a light dusting of petals cascade down the sides of the cake. This is an easy way to have fresh flowers as a cake topper and not pay a fortune or spend hours trying to make it right.


4. Colorful Gerber Daisies make a great wedding cake topper and look especially cute if used with the trendy small cakes or even cupcakes that a lot of brides are opting for these days. Go big with giant Gerber Daisies on cute little cakes. Put giant bright pink gerber daisy heads on top of cupcakes and arrange the cupcakes on three or four tiers for an adorable look. Another idea is to have three to five small/medium sized square cakes, and arrange them either on tiers or in a cluster. Place giant gerber daisies on each small top and two giant gerber daisy heads on each medium sized cake top. Arrange in clusters and scatter medium sized gerber daisies between the cakes. This can work awesome for fall weddings if  you use orange and red daisies.


5. Stargazer Lilies are gorgeous and stunning on their own- why not let them lend some of that shine to your wedding cake? This easy diy wedding cake topper is totally impressive and beyond easy to create. You will need to begin with at least a two tiered cake and 1/2 dozen stargazer lilies. Place two-three blooms directly on top of the cake. To do this, get some floral wire and wrap around each bloom that you pick. Stick the top 2/3 largest blooms right into the top of the cake. With the rest of the wired & wrapped blooms, place them into the creases on the sides of each tier. You can make this really full for a strong effect, or give it a romantic feel with a light dusting of blooms. No matter what you choose, you are sure to have a beautiful cake that you will remember forever.


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