Wedding Disasters Part 2

September 3, 2008 bride0909
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Ok all of you Fall & Winter Brides- Time to take a breather from your totally frantic, down to the wire planning!

Read on for some crazy, silly, and down right bizarre wedding stories as my Wedding Disaster Series continues!

Fall & Winter Weddings are just around the corner- You deserve at least 10 minutes to give yourself a stress- free laugh!


“At a recent wedding which I was attending, which was in full swing, the father of the bride was out on the dance floor slightly drunk and dancing like a madman when he discovered that his wallet had fallen out of his jacket which contained a large amount of money ($2000 )to pay for the catering and a cheque for his daughter and son in law.

A frantic search by everyone failed to find the wallet which distressed the father and family. At the end of the night everybody put in some money to pay for the reception and the wedding party left for their honeymoon a little depressed and sad that someone had stolen the wallet which could have been any of there friends.

The next day the cleaners found the wallet under some rubbish in the fake pot plant with all the money missing.

Two weeks later on the return of the couple from there honeymoon they went to their parents house to watch the wedding video with all their family. It was when they were watching the video part of the reception that the daughter picked up the fact that the wallet was lying on the edge of the dance floor and someone had picked it up and had moved to the side and was removing the money then hiding it under the plant.

It was then, when on closer inspection that the person who had stolen the money was no other than the GROOM.



“When I was 25, my best friend’s wedding was a fiasco. Her brother-in-law tried to french kiss me in front of my husband who had a fit and threatened to use his military training to do major damage.

The bride and groom waltzed across the dance floor gracefully, until he dipped her deeply and promptly dropped her. Afterward, the groom got drunk and urinated in a potted plant on the edge of the dance floor and his pants fell around his ankles. Afterward, everyone had a blast telling the bride of his insufficiencies.

The mother of the bride spent hours before the ceremony wrapping rice in lace so all one had to do was untie the ribbon and throw the rice. Many people chose to throw little rice missiles at the couple, giving the bride a black eye. She fell against the groom when hit with the rice, pushed him down the steps of the hotel and he broke his leg. They spent their wedding night in the hospital and their dream trip, a honeymoon in Hawaii, was cancelled.” – Tianna

“I was at my hair dresser one Saturday, and he was telling me about a wedding he chose not to go to that day.  Of course I asked why he was not going.  His reply was that Bride and Groom did not want presents.  I could not imagine why he would not want to go since I was thinking, wow a B & G that just wanted the company of their family and friends.  I asked him if they let people know where donations could be made in their name.  He laughed and asked me what planet I was from.  Puzzled, I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

He told me that the invitation, had a disclaimer at the bottom of it.  I told him that I did not believe him and no one was that tacky.  Well, of course he left me with my hair standing on the top of my head and went into his office.  Out came a beautiful invitation, beautiful paper, beautiful handwriting.  The envelopes outer and inner addressed properly.

When I read the invite, proper wording in the body, at the bottom on the right hand side were the words, “The favor of your gift is declined, only monetary gifts accepted.”  I swear on my favorite cat’s grave, I saw this with my own eyes.  Well, I never found out what happened at the wedding.  I don’t think they ever spoke to my hairdresser again… but then again who cares. Who wants tacky, thoughtless, greedy people in their lives.” 

“My sister’s husband is a very attractive and has a very magnetic personality. His brother has not been blessed with the same characteristics. He started to say what a lucky guy the groom was having such a pretty wife. (a pretty standard thing for anyone to say to the groom at a wedding) He continued on slurring that he was never that lucky “Robert” always got all the pretty girls when they were growing up.
“Robert” was always the one who got invited to parties, had tons of chicks hanging around and always was the one who got laid. He kept whining that even the parents liked “Robert” better and that “Robert had more friends and more toys when they were little”.

The best man went on like that for a good ten minutes until he started crying and I took the microphone from his hand and another guest lead him outside to calm him down. The whole room was silent. It was very a very uncomfortable situation for everyone. I felt really sorry for the bride and groom and I could see my sister looking at the groom sideways thinking ” always got laid?” I’m sure she interrogated him later but I never asked”

“At my bridal shower , my mother insisted I invite my “eccentric ” aunt who never fails to embarrass me. This shower was given by my soon-to-be in-laws and I didn’t want a scene. Well, “Aunt Theresa” (thinking this was a compliment) kept repeatedly telling the hostess how much she resembled Julia Child until she was in tears. As a shower gift, Auntie presented me a pink plastic heart-shaped potato-masher and a worn-out rollingpin with “Spare the rod and spoil the child” written with blank ink all over it. AHHHHH!!!!!!”



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