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October 9, 2008 bride0909
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Holiday season is just around the bend, and a lot of brides like to tie their wedding theme in with the season’s celebration.

Halloween is no exception to this tradition, with many couples choosing to have a Halloween Theme Wedding during October.

Here are some fun tips that I found for creating a Halloween Wedding that will is classy as well as fun.

Fall wedding flowers can always double as Halloween Wedding Flowers, just go with deeper colors for a greater impact. Orange Asiatic Liles, Orange Hawkweed, Orange Roses, and Orange Poppys look awesome with dark Red Roses and deep green filler. Also, Purple Aster, Green Button Mums, Rust Colored Hydrangeas, and even cream Queen Anne’s Lace works well in a number of arrangements for Halloween Weddings. A flower must have for Halloween Theme Weddings is definately Long Stem Black Magic Roses. These roses are the darkest red you can get, almost to the point of being black, and have a velvety texture. Very dark and mysterious, but also beautiful. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box for colors for your Halloween Wedding. Golds, Creams, Greens, Deep Purple, and Browns work in really nicely and stick to the theme well.

For the Bridal Bouquet, go with class infused with some dark mystery with a hand tied bouquet of 25 Long Stem Black Magic Roses, Orange Hawkweed, and dark green filler- try dark juniper leaves or ivy. Simply, gather the flowers and filler.  Finish off by wrapping a black, gold or deep red ribbon around the bouquet. Here is a great way to arrange your bouquet:

“Cut the ends of the stems on a slant and give flowers a long drink. Remove the thorns, and strip off the lower foliage from the bottom half of the stems. Lay your flowers out on the table, blooms facing toward you. Start off with the largest flower to form the center. Hold the stem between your thumb and first finger on the left hand, about 6-8 inches from the base of the flower head.

Now with your right hand, add about 4- 6 clusters of foliage to frame your center flower (if you’re creating a mixed bouquet), evenly and just below the flower head to help fill in the bouquet, criss-crossing the stems on an angle and rotating the bouquet as you work. The goal is to create a “fulcrum” with your stems — a point where all the stems cross each other. Ordinarily, you create this fulcrum near the top of the area where you stripped the leaves, about halfway down the stem.

Point the blooms toward you as you work — not the stems. Secure the stems by winding a piece of string around a couple of times. Don’t cut the string!(”

Have each bridesmaid carry a single long stem black magic rose- make a big impact by getting the giant, 60cm Long Stem Roses. Have the flower girl scatter dried red rose petals to add to the spooky theme.

For your alter arragement, use a combination of black tulle, with deep red roses and white calla liles placed in a brass or golden urn. This looks eerily beautiful and tragically classic.

Make your table centerpieces with pumpkins, orange gerber daisies, orange mums, and bi-colored light orange/dark orange roses. Use Ivy, and Purple Aster as filler, and if you want to go all out, use black tulle, and faux spider webbing to add to the theme. Hollow your pumpkins, or go with fake pumpkins. Soak a brick of floral foam in water. Arrange your flowers in the floral foam placing the focal flowers in the center of the brick, and working your way out. When you have a full arrangement, place the floral foam inside of your pumpkin. Fill the pumpkin in with tulle, lace, and webbing to fill in any sparse areas. Surround the pumpkin with black and red candles, dark purple and green gourds, and large pieces of black and red glitter. For place settings, fill black glasses with apricot colored sweet heart roses- use about 18 per cup for a robust, full look. Wrap an orange ribbon around each sweet heart rose filled glass.

For your cake, there are a couple of cute options. First is to make a round three tiered cake and use black frosting to cover each layer. Then top the cake with Orange and White Roses (see my post on diy wedding floral wedding cake toppers for how to do this), and create rings around each tier using rings of floral foam and the orange and white roses. Or, you could also do the same cake with Bi-Color Orange Roses or use the White Calla Lily idea from my previous post on floral cake toppers, just using black frosting for the cake. Another idea is to have a square orange/red two tiered cake, and have rust colored Hydrangeascascading down. A fun and super easy and trendy idea is to have several tiers of cupcakes hued orange, red, and black. Top each cupcake with an orange or red gerber daisy. Top every other cupcake with a green spider mum. So cute and spooky at the same time.


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