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Bridesmaids Gifts and Wedding Favors

Your loved ones have worked hard with you to create the wedding of your dreams. Guests are traveling from all around to watch you and your favorite guy vow to love eachother until the end of time. With all that your friends and family have done to give you your special day, it is only fair that they receive a token of appreciation from you. Here are a few easy DIY ideas for Bridesmaids Gifts and Wedding Favors for your wonderful crew of loved ones. The great thing about DIY Bridesmaids Gifts and Wedding Favors is that loved ones will realize that it is something truely from the heart.


Pressed Flower Bookmarks- Dry out colorful flowers such as Gerber Daisies or Alstromeria. Press one of two blooms into a clear glass bookmark. Personalize it by slipping a piece of stock card into the bookmark with your names, and wedding date. You can find blank glass bookmarks at your local craft store. This super pretty gift is a unique item that guests will be able to use for years to come.

Floral Soaps- An awesome gift for your bridesmaids is a set of flower infused soaps. This is more simple than you think to create. Here is a really easy receipe foor Fresh Cut Rose Petal Soap from

Things You’ll Need

  • Coloring (Optional)
  • Rose scent (Optional)
  • Mold
  • Glycerin
  • Crushed rose petals
  1. Melt glycerin in a bowl, following the instructions on the container.
  2. When melted, add 2-3 drops of rose scent to the glycerin if you want.
  3. Add pink or red coloring.
  4. Add the crushed petals into the mixture and stir.
  5. Pour the mixture into the mold and freeze for 24 hours.


  • These make great gifts!
  • Pink or red coloring will look nice with the soap.
  • Rose scent will make the scent strong.


  • The petals will turn black.
  • The glycerin will be hot!
  • This may get messy!

Here is a neat idea from Martha Stewart for Wedding Favors:

“Painted metal buckets brimming with blooms call to mind a French flower market. But these bunches, wrapped in colored waxed tissue paper, are not for sale; they’re meant to be given as wedding favors. Display them near a doorway or throughout a reception hall on tiered metal stands painted to match the buckets. At day’s end, post a card inviting guests to pick a bunch.”  To do this in a super inexpensive way, grab the metal buckets at your local craft store and use inexpensive, yet elegant flowers. Carnations in several different colors work well for this, because they are full, fluffy, colorful, and cheap in cost but not presentation!


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Check it out

Need more ideas for your wedding flowers? I found a really cool site that walks you through the whole wedding planning process, from your flowers to your make up, to your guest list. The site is a great resource especially for DIY brides, as it pulls together vendors in your local/regional area that can help you pull together your big day. Click Here to see the Wedding Flower Planning Guide at


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