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Wedding Reception Flowers

The most important factor in many weddings is not the ceremony itself, but the reception. Your wedding reception is when friends and family come together to celebrate your love, and future as husband and wife. Receptions are also where the most time is spent during a wedding, so it only makes sense that creating the right atmosphere is super important. Here are some fun tips for using fresh flowers to decorate your wedding reception:

Go Big– If you are holding your reception in a large area, make sure that your floral arrangements are big and bold to make a statement. Try an arrangement of Long Stem Roses, Eucalpytus, and some sort of berry for a fall wedding.

Reuse- Stretch your dollar by having empty vases with water & plant food on each table. When the bridal party comes in, have each brides maid place their bouquet into a vase for a pretty effect. Place your bridal bouquet on your table for extra decor.

Chairs- Make your bridal party feel extra special by wrapping flowers around the backs of their chairs. Adorn yours and your groom’s chair with flowers, ribbon, and leaves.

Entrance/Dance Floor- Place Long Stem Roses, and Assorted Greens all around the entryways for an enchanted feel. Fill up a drab hall with huge vases filled with colorful flowers like Stargazer Lilies and place them around each corner of the dance floor.

Glasses- For the bridal party, wrap a Long Stem Red Rose around the stem of each champagne flute. For the rest of the guests, wrap some greenery around their glasses. This small detail will really help bring the point home that this is a totally elegant event!


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How to Care For Your Wedding Flowers Part I

Nothing conveys classic romance like the Long Stem Rose. This super classy flower is a great choice for your wedding because they can be used in a huge number of ways and show case romance, elegance, and class all at the same time. Just as nothing can convey class like a quality flower, there is nothing that can create a nightmare for a bride to be like failing flowers on her big day. When you are going DIY for wedding flowers, one of the most important things that you can do is to be proactive with your flower care to make sure that you have the best looking arrangements around. Here are a few straight forward, helpful tips for caring for Long Stem Roses, a popular staple for DIY wedding flowers.

100 Long Stem Red Roses are great for a Romantic Theme Wedding!

100 Long Stem Red Roses are great for a Romantic Theme Wedding!


A little Background:


The graceful look of the long stemmed rose has made it one of the most admired flowers in existence. As the classic symbol for love, long stemmed red roses have become the preferred choice for many brides for their wedding. Long Stem Roses also come in a variety of colors, which makes them a great choice for weddings, no matter what the color scheme. Their long, rigid stems make them ideal for basically any kind of arrangement that you can think of.  

South American roses are some of the finest roses available. While roses do not grow naturally in this region, the climate has proven to be excellent for producing roses with extra long stems and large beautiful blooms. Ecuadorian roses have  really set a new standard in the floral community, as they offer stunning, gigantic blooms that last for days.


Long Stem Roses Care Instructions:

Cut stems about an inch from the bottom of each stem, at an angle, while holding the bottom of the stem under water. and place into a large bucket/vase of water as soon as possible, using room temperature water. Before placing the flowers into the water, remove any foliage that would fall below the water line.

Add flower food to the water according to package directions. If you happen to run out of flower food, you can make your own. Add 3 teaspoons of non-diet lemon-lime soda (to serve as the food source and the acidifier) and 1 teaspoon of bleach (to kill the bacteria) to one quart of warm water.</span>


Repeat these steps every three days until your big day–take the flowers out of the bucket, and clean your vase with hot water. Then, refill the vase with clean, warm water and flower food; cut your stems an inch under water; and place back in the bucket.On a daily basis, check the water level and add warm water as needed.















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